Chiller Theater Expo

Chiller2Chiller1Chiller4It was such an honor to be invited to the Chiller Theater Expo, the biggest horror convention in the east coast, along with the guests from “The Walking Dead”,”Ultraman”,”Godzilla”, and more.

“Flesh for the Beast: Tsukiko’s Curse” is doing very well. Tsukiko is very happy!

前にお知らせしたコンベンションへ行ってきました。日にち思いっきり間違ってましたが。東海岸で一番おおきいホラーコンなんですって。「The Walking Dead」「ゴジラ」「ウルトラマン」からのゲストもきてました。


ChillerRyanMy friend, Ryan, and her mom happened to be working there and came to say hi to me at the door right before our screening.  Sweetest surprise, ever!


Chiller guestHey, I’m on the broacher!